Spoonsoft.com was setup in 1998 after the founder, Nathan Johnston, started working contract work during university. Spoonsoft.com is mainly used as a personal website - for family and friends overseas to keep in touch through regular photo album updates. These updates are individual albums attached to Spoonsoft.com, or more regularly to our daughters website portal - which includes pictures going back to her birth, and more recently, home movies.

In June, 2007 our family moved from the U.S. to Australia, and Spoonsoft moved. While technically still hosted by a webserver in the U.S., we changed the origin of the site to make it Australian based. To help friends and family still in the U.S. we added various features - such as local time for checking when to call, temperature, webcam images - so they can see where we are and how our new lives are developing. This was also the launch of the new domain - www.spoonsoft.com.au.

Spoonsoft also develops custom software and web sites - usually for small businesses. We speacialise in developing useful software and web applications at minimal cost to help businesses grow their customer base or online presence without significant investment. As the businesses see the returns for their investment, they can continue expanding. This custom-level of development helps businesses get the software they need when they need it while keeping the cost/benefit as attractive as possible.

Enjoy the site as much as we enjoy keeping it updated. We usually upload photo albums every month or two, and occaisionally add home movies; and new features will be coming as I develop my skills in .NET and need a training ground!

If you would like to join the mailing list for this website to be informed when changes are uploaded, please use the "Contact Us" page.

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